My Top 4 Free Game Recording Software Programs



Fraps-logoProbably one of the most trusted names in game recording software, FRAPS goes back years to the early days of PC gaming as the standard for recording your game footage.  With awesome features like an FPS counter and minimal system resource hogging, FRAPS is a sure choice for gamers of all types.  They have a free trail version available for download here on their website.



bandicam-logoI believe Bandicam is the only completely free game recording software available with a full version on the web. It features easy to add screen regions and uses the MPEG-1 codec for fantastic looking compression. Definitely check out Bandicam if you haven’t tried it yet for your all in one screen and free game recording software solution.



X Split Broadcaster

xsplit-logoWith X Split, going live is simple!  This software is more of a live streaming software rather than a game recording software, but it has built in capabilities for local recording.  Made popular by the massive gaming stream site Twitch, X Split is the preferred choice amongst live streamers online today.


Camtasia Studio

camtasia-studio-logoAccording to authority site, Camtasia is the number 1 rated screen recording software available. Probably the most user friendly with easy set up of the four, I would recommend Camtasia game recording software for people with little to no experience with game recording. Even novice gamers can easily record and upload their most epic gaming moments.

I personally have been using X Split just because I am a live streamer as well so it is nice to switch back and forth for when I want to do local video game or webcam recordings for free. All of these free game recording software programs are good in their own way and have individual features that set them apart from each other. I recommend trying at least 2 or 3 of them to find your personal preference before deciding on one individual program. Also be sure to check that your computer meets minimum requirements before trying any lengthy troubleshooting.

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FRAPS free game recording software tutorial

This is hands down the easiest free game recording software tutorial I have yet to find on YouTube, so check it out if you are having trouble with your set up or other software issues.

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Free Game Recording Software Download

Fraps 3.4.99 Free Version Download

Record PC game footage in real-time on any screen!

Fraps is the best known screen recording software in the world of PC gaming hands down.  With an easy to use interface, simple hot key setups, and an amazingly accurate FPS counter FRAPS is perfect for creating gameplay footage videos for YouTube,, etc.

Common applications:
- Creating full screen, high resolution recordings of video game footage.
- Capture video footage on the fly from your home PVR.
- Record video game console footage from your recording hardware. Perfect for Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and even retro consoles!
- Create instructional videos for web or software applications.
- Capture a specific region of your PC screen or live video area.

- Supports all modern CPUs (Pentium 4 and above with SSE2)
- Captures fastest with an NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card
Download link here —–> FRAPS game recording software

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